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When landscape and furniture design mix together

Born in 1988 from a Spanish father and a French mother, Guillaume Torres grew up switching between France and Spain. It is from these influences that the brand Rio was created, Rio meaning “river” in Spanish. Guillaume’s records go back a long way to his early years in manual works. Passionate about drawing and nature, he quickly turns toward a career that has been fascinating him since his youth: landscape gardener.

In 2014, after a bachelor in landscaping, Guillaume Torres decides to create his own business as a landscape gardener. Nonetheless, his desire to create, invent, and design has yet to be quenched.

He is looking for dynamism, movement; an out of the ordinary element , somewhat missing in the world landscaping…

Then, one evening, Guillaume sketches a project in which he integrates water within a piece of furniture. Water, an element he values and wish so much to add to his landscaping creations. From this sketch an innovative and unseen table is born, incorporating water and its benefits in all kind of spaces, even the narrowest ones.

Aided by his cousin who took over the family business Tourinox, specialized in designing and manufacturing stainless steel medical equipment since 1992, he brings his sketches to life and creates the table.

Ever since this creation, and thanks to his experience in landscaping, Guillaume undertook to imagine and create a whole range of design furniture, modern and suited to the trends and needs of the most demanding.